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One life, one shot, so make it count. No regrets.

Contiki. The original adventure travel company for 18 to 35s. Sure, there was no Facebook back in 1962, but there was a world that needed exploring, a beaten up old mini-van, and a group of mates with adventure in their bones. Since that first trip, we’ve spent 50 years perfecting the art of living with no regrets. And to tell you the truth, we’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.

What makes travelling with Contiki different? Contiki offers you a Backstage Pass to Europe. It’s a combination of many things, exclusive to us, that gives you unrivalled value & sets the Contiki Europe Winter experience apart from the rest.

Contiki, your backstage pass to Europe Winter

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCOMMODATION: You’ll get to stay in some eye-popping accommodation when travelling with Contiki. Our Feature Hotels & Austrian Gasthof are truly unique & our Time Out trips are hotels all the way.
  • EXCLUSIVE INCLUSIONS: The iconic sights are all included in your tour, but so are some exclusives like our “Paris by Night” & “Special Access Rome” tours.
  • EXCLUSIVE TEAM: Our Tour Managers, Drivers & On-site Team are all passionate travellers whose sole focus is making your trip the time of your life. They live & breathe “local Europe” & have an intimate knowledge of every city & every destination.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: After 50 years travelling around Europe, no company can provide better access to Europe than Contiki. Like skipping the queues at the Eiffel Tower & the Vatican. We’ll get you around in style, doing all the hard work & saving your precious time for exploring.
  • EXCLUSIVE FOOD: Foodies rejoice! Breakfast included each day & most of our included dinners feature the very best in regional cuisine from authentic local restaurants.
  • EXCLUSIVE OPTIONS: We provide you with loads of free time to discover & create your own adventure. We call it ME Time… We have a host of exclusive optionals too, so, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a culture vulture or a foodie, we’ll provide you with something special.
  • Winter Trips


    • European Magic
    • European Vista
    • European Discovery
    • Winter Wanderer
    • European Encounter
    • European Inspiration


    • England & Scotland
    • Italian Espresso
    • Simply Italy
    • Mediterranean Highlights
    • Spanish Spree
    • Egypt & the Nile
    • Berlin, Prague & Vienna
    • Berlin & Prague
    • Vienna & Budapest
    • Berlin to Budapest
    • London & Paris
    • London & Paris + Paris
    • London & Paris + Amsterdam
    • London & Paris + Rome


    • European Trail
    • Eastern Rocker
    • Eastern Trail
    • Western Rocker
    • Trail to Rome
    • Trail to London


    • Ski / Board Austria (1 or 2 weeks )
    • London Explorer
    • Christmas in Paris or Amsterdam
    • New Year’s Eve trips
    • St. Patrick’s Day

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