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Unforgettable experiences, lifelong memories

Small group adventures for 18-35s

You may have grown up here, or now call Aussie home... but how much have you really experienced of Australia? Too often we look to travel elsewhere, and forget about the adventures in our own backyard. It’s time to discover the places you always wanted to go (or those you might not have thought about). And always only with 18-35’s - no younger, no older. It’s time to let the adventure begin. Don’t waste a moment or let any experience pass you by. Make every moment count.

So, take a break from the daily grind. Swap your 9 to 5 for epic moments and channel your inner explorer. When did you last try snorkeling in the Reef, scaling Kings Canyon, skydiving, or sailing the Whitsundays? And get it all organised for you?

Head out on an adventure with a bunch of people your age, and in your mind-set. Get those bragging rights in full force and explore your Australia.

Discover the sights of Australia you’ve just got to see. And why not? Just pack your bags & let Contiki sort out the rest. Outback adventure, dive trip, festival, long adventure up the coast? Contiki has you covered.

Travel Made Easy

Contiki takes the hassle out of travel, sorting transport, accommodation and a bunch of delicious meals for the duration of your trip. But it’s your trip, your rules, which is why our travel styles, optional experiences and flexible itineraries give you the freedom to build the trip you want.

Travel Together

Travel is about learning new things, gaining fresh perspectives and making lifelong friends. On our trips you’ll share unforgettable travel experiences with other people from all over the world. Come solo, with a pal or with a partner - you’ll soon feel like part of a global family.

Immersive Experiences

Whether you’re meeting resident kangaroos at our Noosa Everglades Eco-Camp or enjoying morning yoga on the beach in Byron Bay, our immersive experiences help you uncover an authentic Australia. Our Australian Trip Managers will show you a different side to the places you visit and are always on hand with killer local tips..

Stay In Style

Funky beachfront hostels and Special Stays nestled in the heart of National Parks: our accommodation is as unforgettable as Australia itself.

Live It Like A Local

Breakfast with koalas, sail the Whitsundays and learn to surf in Byron Bay. Our experiences will have you feeling like a real Aussie.

Small Groups, Big Adventures

Group sizes vary from 10 to 30 in Australia to allow for intimate, immersive experiences as well as speedy internal flights.

With The Ultimate Travel Guides

Contiki's Trip Managers down under are smart and fun Aussie locals, and they’re here to help you discover the best bits of your backyard.

Discover the best of Australia

  • Uluru Explorer
  • Outback Adventure
  • City To Surf
  • The Sun Seeker
  • Beaches & Reefs
  • Reefs & Rainforests
  • The Big Walkabout
  • Sydney New Year
  • Whitsundays
  • Dive To Adventure
  • Learn To Dive

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