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Sharing Asia Overland. Differently – Your Group, Your Journey, Tailored for You

Mongolia | China | Kyrgyzstan | Uzbekistan | Turkmenistan | Iran Tajikistan | Kazakhstan | Georgia | Armenia | Azerbaijan

Sharing Asia Overland. Differently.

If you have a passion for exploring and experiencing other cultures, combined with a dash of excitement and adventure tours, then Sundowners Overland has a journey to suit your travelling style.

For 60 years, Sundowners Overland has been crossing Asia from India to Europe, offering the most extensive choice of overland journeys across the region. As the world's leading Silk Road, Caucasus and Mongolia tour operator, Sundowners Overland aims to offer the best journeys possible for anyone with a passion for discovery.

Sundowners Overland is a specialist in these regions, providing a unique level of service and knowledge of these destinations, and can create personalised travel experiences specially for you. Travel on a unique small group tour or by yourself on your own Tailor Made journey. Alternatively, we can craft a private group journey for you and your friends.

Asia has a long tradition of overland travel, and it remains possible to follow the ancient paths of trade and conquest through the lands once ruled by Scythians, Persians, Parthians, Sogdians, Mongols and Moghuls.

At the heart of these overland adventures are the challenges and rewards of crossing the natural boundaries of desert and mountain and the remote national borders linking these diverse countries.

Sundowners Overland's journeys are suitable for almost everybody and age is rarely a factor. A willingness to be involved, a positive and flexible approach to travel and an understanding of the particular demands of your chosen journey will ensure your enjoyment on one of the most satisfying and rewarding travel experiences of your life. Sundowners Overland believes your journey starts from your initial enquiry and continues through to the successful completion of your journey.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road is not a single trail but a tangle of ancient threads with which the world was woven. This rich tapestry connected the Orient to the Mediterranean and the prehistoric to the present. If you are looking for some 'spice' in your travels, the journeys along the Silk Road to Central Asia and Turkey offer some of the most stunning scenery and exotic history of Asia. From epic journeys that traverse the continent to a deeper look into individual countries you can find the right way to experience the very best of Central Asia.

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.

Private Group Tours

We have a dedicated Private Groups Manager to assist you with designing a journey for you and your friends, community group or other fellow travellers. This can be created around a theme of food, festivals or a specific interest, and we enjoy the challenge of finding new places to visit or ways of travel to meet your needs.

Private Groups offer an immersive experience into our destinations and are all created on the foundation of 60 years of knowledge and experience of Sundowners Overland.

Whether you want action-packed adventure or in-depth discovery, something leisurely or world-class luxury, Sundowners Overland can create the standard and pace of journey to meet your needs.

We are committed to ensuring that the journey we create together is tailored to your needs. Your journey starts with our Private Groups Manager and continues when you are on the ground with an extended network of people who can support you every step of the way. Our passionate indestination team includes Tour Leaders, City Ambassadors, Local Guides, and Local Partners.

Designing your journey with Sundowners Overland gives you the flexibility to tailor every aspect of the tour. From your itinerary to accommodation styles as well as sightseeing options, all can be curated to create your own bespoke journey. Working together with your personal Private Groups Manager you can bring to life the journey of your dreams.

Cultural Tours

Many of our Private Groups use one of our Sundowners Overland journeys as a starting point when planning their journey. Use one of our existing itineraries or tweak to suit your interests, we are here to help make it the journey that inspires you.

Culinary Tours

Tempt your tastebuds with a journey that delves deeper to discover the culinary highlights of our destinations. Discover the wine and cheese, watermelons and pomegranates of the Caucasus, the fragrant spices that infuse the dishes of Iran or learn to cook dumplings with locals in Mongolia. We can arrange visits to local markets or an immersive experience with local families to help with the preparation of national dishes. Of course this always leads to an enjoyable meal together with them in their homes.

Winter Wonderlands

Experience unforgettable winter experiences such as dog-sledding, snowmobiling, troikia rides and ice skating. With fewer tourists around it is a wonderful opportunity to truly experience these destinations. Thankfully central heating is abundant too!

The Caucasus

Three spellbinding countries that straddle the crossroads of East and West - a strategic geography that brewed a potent history and distilled distinct cultures with timeless allure.Discover burgeoning modernity in cosmopolitan capitals and rural villages that time forgot. Unearth archaeological treasures in sensational surroundings. And enjoy many toasts to good health with the most hospitable people. Georgia is the land of mountains and monasteries and the birthplace of wine. Armenia, the first Christian country in the world has watched empires rise and fall and has a rich cultural heritage etched into the walls of churches while Azerbaijan is home to archaeological treasures and geological oddities can be found between lush orchards and forested mountains.


Uncover the secrets of Mongolia across the verdant steppe and the curiously contradictory Gobi Desert. Mongolia is a free and fair democratic country filled with rich cultural contrasts and a people that have embraced modernity but hold strong to nomadic traditions. Join one of the national festivals, venture into the untouched countryside and bask in the nation’s famous smiles.

Fully Escorted Tours

These are Sundowners Overland's benchmark journeys. They are great value and use 3-4 star hotels, comfortable guesthouses and gers (the traditional home of nomads across Central Asia) when travelling in Mongolia and Central Asia. There is plenty of time to experience local life and enjoy the sights each city has to offer. Fully Escorted Tours offer an easy pace that will suit most travellers. A Sundowners Overland Tour Leader is on hand to ensure you not only see the sights but venture behind the scenes to explore the markets, bazaars and tea-houses.

Tailor Made Journeys

Experience the wide-open spaces of Asia for yourself aboard your own overland journey. Live the adventure for yourself aboard Asia's most remarkable railways or along its most famous trade route. Joining the cities via road, rail and high passes is only limited by your imagination. Sundowners Overland can tailor a journey that suits your time, budget and adventurous spirit. Tailor Made Journeys mean that you do not travel with a tour group, but on your own or with your own companions on an itinerary that is customised for you.

Luxury Private Trains

Experience a voyage of a lifetime by Private Train board the fully en-suite Golden Eagle Train. These trains contain some of the finest accommodation available in luxury train travel today, offering a high level of comfort; particularly important in the cabins, which will be your 'hotel room' on wheels and also featuring one or two lovingly designed restaurant cars and a spacious bar car.

60 years of Asia Overland

2024 marks our 60th Anniversary and to celebrate we have designed a 60 day journey from Singapore to London overland by train. It promises to be yet another great adventure in our long history.

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