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Tailor-Made Holidays with the Latin America specialists

Peru | Bolivia | Ecuador | Galapagos | Chile | Argentina | Patagonia | Antarctica | Brazil | Colombia | The Guianas | Mexico | Cuba | Central America

Contours Travel has been creating tailor-made tours to Latin America for more than 40 years. Every one of its expert consultants has travelled widely throughout the region and has extensive experience in designing unique and seamless holidays that offer travellers the very best of this extraordinary continent.

This brochure is full of creative ideas to inspire your next Latin American adventure. Allow Contours Travel to introduce you to Latin America's most iconic destinations, as well as some favourites that are often overlooked. Contours Travel will show you how to combine the best of this stunning region to create a truly unique and memorable trip.

Planning your dream holiday

Some of the greatest adventures on earth have been gathered in this masterful collection - from small group tours and cruises to tailor-made holidays and personalised adventures with your own private guides. You are also invited to join one of the community projects supported by Contours Travel - a unique opportunity to experience and make a difference in this wonderful region.

Regardless of which touring option you choose, Contours Travel ensures an excellent level of attention, safety and flexibility. All tours (shared or private) are undertaken in modern vehicles and are led by expert local English-speaking guides.

Tailor-Made Private Tours

The most exclusive and flexible way to get to know a destination with expert local guides.

Shared Tours

Lower the cost of your trip and share your experiences with travellers from all over the world.

Combined Tours

If you want the best of both worlds, some parts of your trip can be enjoyed in private tours, and others can be experienced in shared tours.

Small Group Tours

Travelling with your family, friends, or colleagues as a small group is also an option. Create your own adventure and decide which tours to do, the amount of free time in each destination and even which meals to include. Another option is to go on a fully escorted tour with a South American based Tour Leaders. Contours Travel will design the best itinerary to suit your needs.

Special Interest Tours

Want to combine a particular interest with travel to Latin America? Ask Contours Travel's expert consultants

Cruising - Galapagos, the Amazon, the Fjords of Chile and Tierra del Fuego

Contours Travel tours highlights include a banquet of cruising options in the Galapagos, the Amazon, the Fjords of Chile and Tierra del Fuego. Antarctic cruises promise a mesmerising experience gliding through one of the most mysterious, haunting and spectacular corners of the earth, home to an abundance of wildlife and nature.

Other tours include fly-drive suggestions, exploring the wine regions of Argentina and Chile, snorkelling in Bonito, luxury camps in Patagonia, Inca Trails to suit your fitness level, the back country of Ecuador and the best tour in the world: the Heritage Trail of the Sacred Valley.

One of the good points of booking through Contours Travel was dealing with just one person. It gives a personal touch to all the travel arrangements to feel you are planning and knowing our every move using your experience in the region. From the start, offering ideas to extend the trip from simply Cuba, to include Mexico and Panama, to the nish, seamlessly organising to change an impossibly noisy hotel to a quiet one. Thanks for your care and for your attention to detail on our itinerary, no complaints from us. We'll certainly recommend you to friends!" – Jan & Mike, 2016

Community Projects - get involved

Contours Travel has supported community projects throughout Latin America for many years, and for the first time you are invited to get involved. You can get together a small group of family, friends, or school group and, with our help, find a project - you can work on a number of projects from helping to build school classrooms, shelters, wells and other related farming projects to teaching English. These projects are designed to not only help, but to empower the local peope to take over, control and run the project. There is no better way to experience the heart of a country than living and working in a community. And, there's no better feeling than helping these communities build a better future for themselves.



Contours Travel offers a dazzling array of tour options to suit every discerning traveller passionate for an authentic experience. Travel off the beaten track with confidence and discover all the wonder of South America.

Inside this brochure

  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Galapagos
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Patagonia
  • Antarctica
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • The Guianas
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Central America

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