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Red Centre & Top End Guided Holidays, Short Breaks & Day Tours

Small Group Journeys and Guided Holidays.

Nothing can beat the wonders of the Northern Territory, the red beating heart of Australia. Refresh your senses under magnificent Florence Falls, eat grilled seafood and kangaroo while watching the sunset over Uluru, or sip wine under a canopy of stars.

Experience the oldest culture on earth and take home a uniquely designed Aboriginal artwork, painted by you. These are remarkable experiences that many unknowingly pass by – those unexpected moments which are the memories you treasure the most.

Together with extraordinary Travel Directors on the road, AAT Kings is committed to worry-free and sustainable travel – making every single second of your journey remarkable. Wherever you decide to roam, you’ll be in good hands.

100 Years of Adventure and many more to come

With AAT Kings' 100 years of expertise, you'll go behind the scenes and discover the hidden wonders of the Northern Territory.

The vibrant colour and irresistible spirit of Australia can be found everywhere, across its vast plains and mountain ranges, beaches and islands. So many unforgettable moments await you – watch the sun turn golden across waterlily-filled Kakadu billabongs, immerse yourself in Mataranka’s thermal pools, meet the people who make Tiwi Islands ‘the island of smiles’, and explore the mesmerising vastness between the Top End and Red Centre on your way to Australia’s heart – Uluru.

The Northern Territory holds the key to the most unique and remarkable holiday you’ve ever had.

Diverse Travel Styles

No two travellers are ever the same. Which means that with AAT Kings, neither are any two trips. AAT Kings understands that sometimes you want to switch off and enjoy the scenery, with your itinerary, accommodation and exclusive experiences all seamlessly sorted ‘behind the scenes’.

Other journeys require the essentials covered and insider tips provided, but need built-in flexibility so you can go your own way.

Whether you have a couple of weeks or a couple of hours, whether you want to have everything arranged or customise parts of your journey, AAT Kings offers a travel style for every kind of traveller. And regardless of the trip you choose, you’ll leave a minimal footprint, connect with culture and support the local communities you visit.

Guided Holidays – First Choice and Best Buys

AAT Kings offers two styles of guided holiday. First Choice with exclusive experiences and adventures, and Best Buys offering flexibility with some inclusions and some independent travel.

Whether you want to leave everything to us or customise parts of your journey, regardless of the tour style you choose, you’ll leave a minimal footprint, connect with culture and support the local communities you visit.

Short Breaks and Day Tours – Kakadu, Litchfield & Tiwi Islands

There’s no end to ‘wow moments‘ in the Top End. From soul-stirring sunsets over the Kakadu escarpment and its wildlife rich wetlands, to Litchfield’s pristine waterfalls, and the towering sandstone walls of spiritual Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge, the Top End will invigorate your senses and recharge your batteries.

First Choice Guided Holidaysc

  • Outback Adventure
  • Outback Safari

Best Buys Guided Holidays

  • Northern Territory Explorer
  • Top End Highlights
  • Uluru to Adelaide
  • Uluru, Alice Springs & Surrounds

Short Breaks & Day Tours

  • Short Breaks & Day Tours
  • Mai Uluru La Ila/Uluru
  • Uluru Aboriginal Art & Cultural Tour
  • Uluru Sunrise & Field of Light early morning
  • Outback Highlights
  • Red Centre Highlights
  • Kata Tjuta, Uluru & Kings Canyon
  • Uluru & Kata Tjuta Experience
  • Uluru & Kata Tjuta Highlights
  • Uluru & Kata Tjuta
  • Territory Tracks
  • The Outback Railway
  • Uluru & Kata Tjuta
  • Kings Canyon, Uluru & Kata Tjuta
  • Alice Springs
  • Uluru Sightseeing Passes
  • Red Centre Connection
  • Kakadu, Litchfield & Tiwi IslandsTropical Top End
  • Kakadu & Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge & Tiwi Islands Explorer
  • Kakadu & Tiwi Islands Explorer
  • Kakadu & Nitmiluk (Katherine)
  • Kakadu & Arnhem Land Explorer
  • Kakadu & East Alligator River4
  • Kakadu & Arnhem Land
  • Tiwi Islands Aboriginal Cultural Tour
  • Darwin City and Nature
  • Top End National Parks

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