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Go beyond the ordinary … every journey tells a story

Greece | Turkey | Croatia | Italy | Sicily | France | Spain | Portugal | Morocco

The Mediterranean’s sapphire seas are sure to lure you in and coax you to stay a while. But beyond the azure waters lie the little-known tiny villages, whitewashed and nestled against sandy shores; and the marble-clad fortresses and winding courses of turquoise waterfalls—places loved by locals and untouched by the outside world. Globus invites you to dive deeper into the blues of the Mediterranean’s secluded seaside towns and ancient alleyways.

Explore sunsoaked streets to discover the places where cities, coasts, and cultures connect—places other tours and cruises have yet to discover. No-one else gets you closer to the undiscovered magic of the Mediterranean than Globus.

No Worries. No Hassles. No Kidding.

On a Globus tour, you get an easy, hassle-free, all-in-one vacation that gives you the freedom to let your hair down and just enjoy! Every Globus tour includes these elements to make your vacation complete:

Sightseeing & VIP Access

Your Globus tour always includes the major attractions. In fact, Globus offers you more included features and behind- the-scenes local experiences than any other Tour Operator—plus, you get special VIP access at the must-see sites. Globus actually takes you inside Europe's most awe-inspiring places - right to the head of the line and through the front door. Globus' itineraries clearly indicate inside visits and special features by putting them into UPPERCASE.

Tour Directors & Local Guides

With Globus, you travel in the company of genuine local experts - Tour Directors and Local Guides who are actually from the region through which you're traveling. All along the way, they share their vast knowledge of the areas and can point you in the right direction to help you get the most out of your free time.


Food and wine tastings, and traditional meals at local restaurants help you experience your destination's culture through its cuisine. On all Globus' included meals, whether at a local restaurant, or at your hotel, enjoy at least one complimentary glass of wine, beer, or soft drink, and coffee or tea.

Superior Hotels

Selected for their comfort, beauty, and proximity to key sites, these hotels feature twin-bedded rooms with private bath or shower (hotel and city taxes, service charges, and tips for baggage handling included).


Private deluxe touring motorcoach with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, extra leg room, and emergency restroom; first-class seats on high-speed Continental trains and high-speed train rides on tours traveling between London and Paris (or Brussels). Globus can even coordinate your flights with your tour!


Included headsets for sightseeing on the Continent give you the freedom to roam through some of Europe's most famous attractions without missing a moment of fascinating commentary.

Local Favourites

Globus helps you get out there and really experience Europe! Globus takes you behind the scenes to spotlight what makes this destination unique - and to introduce you to its local flavors.


Discounts for groups, young travelers, triple rooms, early bookings, add-a-tour, and frequent travelers; helpful travel documents; and more!

Select The Perfect Hotels

Finding the right hotel in a foreign country can be stressful - even online reviews don't always tell an accurate story. But with a Globus tour, you only stay in accommodations that Globus has pre-screened and selected for their comfort, cleanliness, attractiveness, and convenient location, often within mere steps from the greatest sites. For example, while other Tour Operators choose hotels outside of Venice, Globus' Italian tours put you right in the heart of the city!

Furthermore, Globus knows that relaxing at the end of a busy day of sightseeing is essential. The last thing you want to do is wrestle with suitcases while you stand in line to check-in. The hotels Globus uses are masters at efficiently handling group check-ins, so all you have to do is step off your motorcoach and into the hotel lobby. Your Tour Director handles check-in, hands you your key, and your baggage is delivered right to your guestroom. We even take care of the porterage gratuity for you.

Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby.


Did you know that any Globus European tour package can be enjoyed as a private tour holiday? Designed for groups of two to two dozen, Globus European Private Touring offers all of the benefits of group travel for your private group. Gather family or friends to experience Europe with a private group tour. Whether you’re club members, cousins, best friends, or old buddies, you’ll enjoy all of the expertise and convenient features you’d expect from Globus, exclusively for your group. With a dedicated Tour Director, private transportation and driver, and professional Local Guides, your Globus Private Tour includes all of the visits and VIP access as our original brochure itinerary,
without the group tour schedule. If you’re ready to see more of the globe—without the rest of the world—it’s time to book a Globus European Private Tour.

Customise Your Holiday With A Monograms Independent Travel Package

Combine your Globus tour with a Monograms independent travel package. Monograms includes onsite Local Hosts, pre-screened hotel options, breakfast daily, VIP access to the key sights, transportation between cities, and the ability to personalize with Activities & Excursions you can book online, extra nights, and more. See brochure for details.

Monogram Independent Vacations are available in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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