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Aurora Expeditions

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Life-changing small ship expeditions

Svalbard • Greenland • Canadian High Arctic • Canadian Arctic • Northwest Passage • Iceland • Norway • Northern Lights | BRITISH ISLES: Scotland | LATIN AMERICA: Costa Rica • Patagonia

Aurora Expeditions in the Antarctic

Delight in the abundance of the northern summer, from the wild coasts of Scotland to Norway's fjords, the fossil-rich deserts of Spitsbergen to glacier-carved Greenland and fiery Iceland.

A short season of long days, the Arctic summer offers sunsets that linger until dawn, snowmelt feeding waterfalls and glaciers that drop massive icebergs into the sea. Guillemots, kittiwakes and cheeky puffins turn cliffs into raucous high-rise rookeries, whales breach and blow, musk oxen dot the tundra and polar bears hunt across the pack ice. Whether calving from Svalbard's vast glacier fronts or squeezing into Greenland's deep fjords, mesmerising icebergs of every shape and aqua hue can be seen. From Scottish seaports to Norwegian and Icelandic fishing towns, the adventure base of Longyearbyen to Inuit villages of East Greenland, we enjoy a wide range of history and local culture.

With fantastic itineraries, Aurora Expeditions' expedition ship is your floating basecamp for extraordinary adventures. On all voyages, Aurora Expeditions offers sea kayaking as an optional adventure activity.

Whether you're keen to paddle, trek, photograph or simply sit back and enjoy extraordinary wildlife and landscapes, Aurora Expeditions aims to make each day one you'll never forget.

What Makes Aurora Expeditions Different?

For over 30 years, Aurora Expeditions has pioneered travel that inspires hearts and minds and makes dreams come true.

Smaller Groups

Small groups make a big difference. Aurora takes an average of 132 expeditioners per voyage. This leads to smoother transitions, longer and more relaxed landings and a more intimate experience.

Expert Guides

Aurora’s highly acclaimed Expedition Team members are the best in the business. Once you step on board, Expedition Specialists will welcome you to a close-knit team and inspire you to see our planet’s wild places differently. Team members have always been about sharing their passion, knowledge and understanding of some of the most remote and unspoiled destinations.

New Purpose-Built Small Ships

Two purpose-built small expedition ships are both brand new and are designed to respond rapidly to any weather condition in the wild and remote places we visit. The environment is a priority, to ensure non-intrusive and low-impact voyages. The Greg Mortimer was the first ever passenger ship to feature the revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW, which crosses oceans more comfortably and efficiently. Expansive observation decks and hydraulic viewing platforms bring you even closer to the natural environment. The ships offer a spacious and comfortable base camp for adventures, and can land in more locations than larger vessels can.

Spirit of Adventure

Explore differently – experience wild places in a range of different ways. Get off-ship as much as possible with multiple landings every day. Purpose-built ships enable Aurora to deliver a world-leading activities and shore excursion program. Whether you plan to kayak, hike, climb, ski, snorkel or dive, expert guides have the knowledge to help you safely push the boundaries of your experience, while sharing their love of adventure with you.

Relaxed Onboard Atmosphere

Enjoy a warm, informal and relaxed style onboard.

Education and Enrichment

With education and enrichment at the heart of exploration, onboard programs feature experts and special guests in the fields of conservation, science, photography, art, culture and more. Connect more deeply to the places, wildlife and people on your expedition. When you disembark, you to be richer in your knowledge and understanding of our planet than when you stepped onboard.

Solo Travellers

Expedition cruising is a fantastic choice for solo travellers, giving you the chance to experience the world’s most remote and incredible destinations with like-minded travellers and expert guides, while on board our small, social and welcoming ships. Our landings and activities are all conducted in small groups. You will be able to explore at your own pace, pushing your limits with adventure. You will be surrounded by fellow expeditioners with a shared spirit of adventure, having an amazing experience, making new friends – and the memories are yours to keep. Aurora Expeditions has some great options for solo travellers and can arrange share accommodation with another expeditioner of the same gender.


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