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If you've never been to Antarctica, nothing in your experience can prepare you. It is completely without precedent, and utterly exhilarating. Everything about each day's adventures and discoveries – the penguins, the astonishing ice – is thrilling, including the self-discovery that is the most surprising, seldom-anticipated benefit of going to Antarctica.

It's the kind of place, and the kind of experience, that reminds you that the truly worthwhile things in life are, in fact, experiences. And the most valuable things we own – our memories of incredible experiences – are not material at all.

And your expedition teams, captains and officers are dedicated to ensuring that you will have the incredible experiences that make for indelible memories. Thanks to their skill and the good judgment that comes from decades of experience, the adventurous guests on the January 15th voyage got their most fervent wish and more. National Geographic Explorer made it to Marguerite Bay, its first time there since 2010, and then headed into the record books – being the first non-icebreaker to achieve a furthest south of 68° 41.4'S 067°56.1'W.

And, according to the team, nearly a third of the onboard contingent opted to take a polar plunge in frigid Marguerite Bay. That's memorable! And on another, earlier departure, guests and the expedition team spent two enthralled hours on Explorer's deck watching the gripping drama you'll learn about on page 7 of this brochure unfold. And that's only two examples of how our experience can create thrilling opportunities for you.

In addition to all you'll see, feel and do in this awesome place, what you'll learn is equally impressive. Antarctica is an international continent dedicated to 'peace and science;' a continent that does not recognise any sovereign nation's claim. How refreshing an idea to spend time in such a place. And what a tonic for your spirit and your memory bank.

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