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Spectacular Alaska

Among the planet's most iconic destinations, Alaska is a must-see for those who love wild nature. There's so much wildlife richness—from breaching and bubble-netting whales to foraging bears, soaring bald eagles, and frolicking otters.

The 2019 season will be particularly exciting as Lindblad-National Geographic proudly welcome the brand-new National Geographic Venture to their fleet. Like her sister ship, National Geogaphic Quest, Venture's bow has been uniquely designed to provide for unobstructed wildlife viewing so you won't miss a moment in this magnificent landscape. Plus, an expansive observation deck one level up provides a unique perspective of the surrounding scenery and plenty of space for you to linger and take it all in.

And all Lindblad-National Geographic ships feature shallow drafts that let them sail deep into this authentic wilderness—along coastal waters and into shallow coves and narrow channels where abundant wildlife congregates. The fleet also travels with an undersea specialist to give you rare access to a surprising facet of Alaska: its vivid undersea. Equipped to dive and record video, they'll share amazing footage with you of vast kelp forests, unusual jellyfish, vibrant anemone, curious octopus, and so much more.

Few know how dazzling and colourful the undersea is, especially in cold waters like those found in Alaska. The wealth of biodiversity is astonishing and truly worthy of protection which is why Lindbald-National Geographic is also very proud to announce that its fleet is now 100 percent free of all single-use plastic bottles, cups, straws, and stirrers.

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