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Active Travel

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Discover the magic of cruising the great inland waterways of Asia & India

Ganges, Hooghly, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Chindwin, Upper & Lower Mekong

Destinations covered: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, India

River travel is very different to blue water cruising; here the focus is on the places you visit and the people you meet along the way.

And, because these boats are small, you have access to the more remote regions of our destinations – such as the Chindwin River in Burma and the Upper Mekong in Laos. These areas are well away from the conventional tourist trail and a journey here offers authentic cultural interaction and friendship.

All of the vessels featured in this brochure are cosy and well-appointed, allowing you to experience the leisurely pace of yesteryear along with all the comforts expected in our modern world.

Importantly, Active Travel's extensive knowledge and experience with river cruising has positioned them as a leader in Asian river travel. For you this means they provide accurate, timely and appropriate advice, an important element in getting your next holiday just right.

River Cruises include:

  • Mother Ganges - Aboard RV Bengal Ganga - 13 days ex Varanasi or Calcutta
  • Upper Ganges - Aboard RV Sukapha - 7 days ex Patna or Calcutta
  • Lower Ganges - Aboard RV Sukapha - 8 days ex Calcutta
  • Slowly Down the Ganges - Aboard RV Sukapha - 14 days ex Patna or Calcutta
  • Assam Wildlife & Nature - Aboard RV Charaidew - 8 days ex Guwahati
  • Lower Brahmaputra - Aboard RV Charaidew - 8 days ex Guwahati
  • Upper Brahmaputra - Aboard RV Charaidew - 8 days ex Tezpur or Jorhat
  • Golden Irrawaddy - Aboard Paukan 1947 - 13 days ex Yangon
  • Upper Irrawaddy - Aboard Paukan 2012 - 11 days ex Yangon
  • Chindwin Explorer - Aboard Paukan 2012 - 10 days ex Bagan
  • Burma - Beyond the Riverbank - Aboard Paukan 2007 - 11 days ex Yangon
  • Lao Mekong Discovery - Aboard MV Mekong Sun - 7 days ex Luang Prabang
  • Lao Mekong Explorer - Aboard MV Mekong Islands - 8 days ex Luang Prabang
  • The Lower Mekong - Aboard RV Toum Tiou - 9 days ex Siem Reap or Saigon
  • Classic Mekong - Aboard MV Jayavarman - 13 days ex Siem Reap or Saigon
  • Best of Cambodia - Aboard RV Toum Tiou - 8 days ex Siem Reap or Saigon

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