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Antarctica & Arctic Cruises

Antarctica & Arctic Travel Centre

The Antarctica & Arctic Travel Centre specialises in small-ship cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the Svalbard, Canadian High Arctic, Greenland, Iceland and the North Pole. Experts will help you select the right vessel, itinerary and season and tailor a holiday to suit your requirements to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 10 of the best Polar ships have been selected, with less than 200 guests and 3 with less than 100, to explore these wondrous wildernesses.

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Polar Expeditions – Antarctica & the Arctic 2019-2020

Adventure Associates

2019-2020 Like nowhere else on Earth, the Polar Regions evokes both exhilaration and tranquility — a euphoria of the spirit that happens when we are reconnected with truly wild places. Be it in the majesty of a polar bear’s walk, the brilliance of Greenland’s aurora, or the immensity of Antarctica’s ice-scapes, the Polar Regions are proof that Nature has wonders yet to reveal to those who seek them earnestly. By exploring these magical places in an in-depth way, you will be enriched by the peace and equanimity they inspire.

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The Arctic

Aurora Expeditions

2020 East & South Greenland | East Coast Canada | Svalbard | Jan Mayen | Norway | Franz Josef Land| A season of long days, we delight in the abundance of the northern summer when sunsets linger until dawn, snowmelt feeds waterfalls and glaciers drop massive icebergs into the sea. We’ll explore abandoned whaling settlements, look for polar bears and other wildlife, revel in millions of migratory birds, go in search of pack ice and marvel at glaciers that sweep down from the world’s second largest icecap.

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The Arctic

Forward Travel

2019 Canada | Norway | Expedition Cruising | Northern Lights | Iceland | Journey with Forward Travel to an incredibly vast and breathtaking place, where a giant sheet of ice links three continents and wildlife freely roams, swims and flies across them. Where for just three months each year the ice retreats, the sun emerges, temperatures rise and this incredible world comes alive, inviting us in. This is the Arctic, poles apart from Antarctica, and equally impressive. EarlyBird Deals!

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Arctic Expedition Cruises

One Ocean Expeditions

One Ocean Expeditions is a leading polar travel company offering voyages across the Norwegian Arctic (Spitsbergen), West Greenland, the Canadian Arctic and Canadian Maritimes region. One Ocean operates two ice-strengthened expedition ships, – both modern, spacious, comfortable and stable – carrying less than 100 guests and providing a true, small ship experience. Spend maximum time ashore with One Ocean's expert guides viewing wildlife, historic sites and immerse yourself in areas of great natural beauty..

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Polar Voyages – Antarctica & The Arctic

Peregrine Adventures

2019-2020 ARCTIC: North Pole | Spitsbergen | Greenland | ANTARCTICA: Antarctic Peninsula | South Georgia| Falkland Islands | Venture deep into the polar regions in comfort and safety on voyages that ensure you have the very best opportunities to explore and get excellent value. Experience pristine wilderness and wildlife through a program of frequent shore excursions with expert guides and naturalists. Comfortable, superbly-equipped ice-strengthened ships offer the best in expedition voyages.

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Northern Europe - Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia & Northern Lights

50 Degrees North

2018 50 Degrees North offers premium itineraries to the Nordic region, the Arctic and beyond. These unique travel experiences include tailor-made itineraries, self-drive journeys, small-group tours & cruises to Scandinavia, the Arctic, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, the Baltics, Faroe Islands, Mongolia & Kamchatka. Run by Scandinavians living in Melbourne, 50 Degrees North has an operational office in Lillehammer giving you 24-hour assistance on tour.

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Marine | Polar Expeditions, Cruising & Sailing Adventures

G Adventures

2019 | Antarctica | Arctic | Galápagos | Amazon | Peru | Cuba | Mediterranean | Asia | Caribbean |The poles of the Earth, the wonders of the Galápagos, the mysteries of the Amazon and out-of-the-way Greek islands are best (and sometimes only) accessed by boat. Marine trips get you there aboard small ships, exclusive yachts, and catamarans. Professional and highly-skilled teams of onboard experts offer keen insight, unique perspectives, and hands-on attention not found in a guidebook. MUST GO SALE – up to 25% off*

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