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Viva la Mexico

Mexico & the Yucatan | 15 Days from Mexico City a | 14 March 2025

Embark on a Byroads adventure through Mexico, where ancient pre-Columbian culture intertwines with Spanish traditions, creating a tapestry of rich history, vibrant arts, and stunning landscapes.

Begin in Mexico City and explore the colonial heritage of this ancient Aztec capital and marvel at the giant pyramids of Teothuacan.  Travel onwards and stop in to see the Frida Kahlo Museum. Take a picturesque boat ride in Xomchimilco, before enjoying the beautiful preserved colonial towns of Taxco and Puebla. Discover colourful Oaxaca, famous for handicrafts and the ancient Zapotec site of Monte Alban.  

Fly to Tuxtla and savour a boat ride through the awe-inspiring Sumidero Canyon. Immerse yourself in the rich indigenous culture of San Cristobal de las Casas. Delve into the Mayan past at the archaeological wonders of Palneque and Uxmal and the world-renowned Chichen Itza.  Relax on the beautiful beaches of Tulum and Playa del Carmen the perfect end to a spectacular exploration of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Steve Mortimer – Byroads Owner and Tour Facilitator

Your host, Steve Mortimer

My goal at Byroads is to use my 35 years of travel experiences in over 120 countries to provide you with an amazing and unforgettable holiday experience. I craft our holidays with this goal and you in mind. With just a limited number of tours each year, I select only the best times of the year to travel to our destinations, and it’s a thrill to travel with you and ensure your Byroads adventure is truly wonderful, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Bronny Nicholas – Tour Facilitator

Like Steve, I share a love for the world, its people, and have an unrequited passion for adventurous journeys. With a wealth of travel experience to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, I look forward to the opportunity of sharing a Byroads adventure with you.

Why travel with Byroads?

Byroads is a travel company with a well-established pedigree. Small group tours are all we do. So we do them well. Hosted by either Steve or Bronny and accompanied by an expert guide- born and raised in the region, the Byroads’ traveller can be assured of an unforgettable travel experience.

We specialise in a select range of destinations, offering small group tours that cover not only the A-list sights, but many of the lesser-known attractions too. Our immersive tours run at the very best time of the year and wonderful, experiential accommodation truly adds to your holiday experience. A ‘byroad’ is a road less travelled, and this encapsulates the spirit of these tours.

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