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Latin America, USA & Canada

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Latin America, USA & Canada

Peregrine Adventures

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Your adventure in the Americas begins here

USA, Canada & Alaska | Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru

From Cusco to Cancun, Lima to La Paz and Aconcagua to Arequipa, South America is just waiting to be explored! Discover the lush jungles of the Amazon basin and Central America, the towering Andes Mountains and the remnants of the great civilisations of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas.

Always a favourite with Peregrine travellers are the incredible voyages in the Galapagos Islands. Adventures in this beautiful region are in-depth and provide unique experiences for anyone who jumps onboard. From snorkelling with marine iguanas to lazing about with sea lions on the beach, your Galapagos adventure will be unforgettable.

For over 30 years, Peregrine has led the field in adventure travel, offering vast destination expertise; locally-born and raised tour leaders; small groups of no more than 16 on land tours (often less); innovative itineraries that include both the iconic sights and off-the-beaten-track highlights; and responsible tourism practices.

Peregrine offers over 180 adventures in over 70 countries worldwide - from walking, trekking and mountaineering, to culture, wildlife and history itineraries, family adventures and expedition cruises.

The Peregrine style
Peregrine holidays are packed with highlights, including as much as possible to ensure you get the most out of your valuable time away. There is plenty of choice, so you can select a trip with as much activity, or as little, as you wish. On some trips you may be out of your comfort zone, or maybe rough it for a night or two to ensure an authentic experience and sometimes you will stay in amazing places where there is no 'roughing it' involved. Peregrine trips are designed to offer a mix of active adventure, culture, wildlife, sightseeing and there's also time to relax and explore for yourself the balance is just right.

Small Groups
Travelling in a small group of 15 or fewer like-minded people has many benefits. The impact on the local environment and community is kept to a minimum travel is stress-free, safe, and, most importantly, fun!

Responsible Tourism
Fundamental to Peregrine's philosophy is a belief that adventures should respect and benefit the local people and environment in the countries explored. Peregrine's responsible tourism policy aims to make a positive contribution by supporting local businesses and organisations that have a social or environmental role in the local community.

There is so much to see and do during the day, so a great night's sleep is essential! Peregrine uses quality hotels they are not extravagant, but they have private bathrooms, air-conditioning in hot regions, are well-appointed and centrally-located. In rural and remote areas, you may stay as guests of local people in simple huts or longhouses for a night or two. Although this style of accommodation does not have the trappings of a hotel, it is an experience that will be a highlight of your trip.

Local Tour Leaders
Peregrine has the world's best tour and trek leaders, born and raised in the region that you are travelling in. They are well-educated and have an intimate knowledge of their country, the sights, culture and language and they love sharing everything they know with you! Your leader will be a great part of your holiday and you'll learn so much more about the country you are visiting than you would if you were travelling with a non-local leader. Not only are they great fun, but they will show you places you would never find on your own and take care of all the details for you.

Tour Styles

  • Cultural adventures focus on local cultures and historic sites, and have the perfect mix of discovery, exploration, comfort and relaxation.
  • Cycling adventures may include a few days of easy riding (5-10 kilometres/day), while others offer longer more challenging rides (up to 75 kilometres/day).
  • Remote adventures explore well away from cities and into remote areas, taking you right off the beaten track. Accommodation may be basic but the rewards are well worthwhile.
  • Moderate walks require a reasonably good level of fitness. Walks are generally along well-defined paths with plenty of 'ups' and 'downs'. Some walking days may be five or six hours in duration but do not ascend to high altitudes.
  • Adventurous treks require a good level of fitness is required. Typically you will trek for up to seven hours a day and occasionally more. Terrain can be hilly.
  • Expeditions are special trips that venture far from conventional tourist trails and into little-visited areas. Flexibility is the key, as the actual itinerary will be determined by the conditions encountered.

Private Group Adventures
A private group adventure can be arranged for groups of seven or more people. Whatever your requirements, Peregrine can tailor the perfect trip just for you. Choose from over 300 trips to destinations all around the world.

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  • Amazon Jungle Extension
  • Remote Amazon
  • Inca Trek
  • Mt Salkantay & the High Trail
  • Best of Peru
  • Classic Peru
  • Peru Uncovered NEW
  • Lima to La Paz
  • Peruvian Wonders NEW
  • Amazon & Inca Adventure
  • Empire of the Incas NEW
  • Inca Adventure
  • Bolivian Adventure NEW
  • Peru & Bolivia Discoverer NEW
  • Andean Odyssey
  • Amazon Jungle Cruise


  • Grand Galapagos NEW
  • Classic Galapagos
  • Galapagos Explorer
  • Galapagos Encounter
  • Galapagos Panorama NEW
  • Galapagos Escapade NEW
  • Ecuador & the Galapagos NEW
  • Amazon Wilderness
  • Ecuador Discovery NEW
  • Empire of the Incas & the Galapagos NEW
  • Peruvian Wonders & the Galapagos NEW


  • South America in Depth
  • Essence of South America
  • Rio Carnival
  • South America Circle
  • Rhythms of South America
  • Argentina & Brazil
  • Chile, Argentina & Brazil
  • Chile & Argentina NEW
  • Colombia Calling NEW
  • Pinnacles of Patagonia NEW
  • Perito Moreno & Upsala Glaciers
  • Santiago Stopover
  • Iguazu Falls Extension
  • Easter Island Stopover
  • Buenos Aires Stopover


  • Mexico in Depth
  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Mexico & Guatemala Explorer NEW
  • Cuba & Mexico
  • A Touch of Cuba
  • Cuba Cycling NEW
  • Rainforest Adventure
  • Amazing Costa Rica
  • Jungles of Costa Rica - Twin
  • Jungles of Costa Rica - Single
  • Panama Panoramas NEW
  • Nicaragua Escape NEW


  • Canyons & Indian lands
  • Western Explorer
  • Western Dream
  • Northwest Park Lodges
  • Yosemite, Lake Tahoe & Monterey Walk
  • National Parks Walk
  • National Park Lodges
  • Olympic & Mount Rainier
  • Yellowstone & Grand Teton
  • Historic Route 66
  • Texas Ranger
  • Deep South & Delta Blues
  • Northeastern Explorer
  • Appalachian Trail Walk


  • Best of the Rockies
  • Canadian Rockies
  • Canadian Rockies, Wildlife & Vancouver Island
  • Alaska, Yukon & Arctic Circle
  • Alaskan Adventure
  • Alaska, Denali & Northern Lights
  • Alaskan Highlights


  • Wild, Wild, West NEW
  • Cowboys & Canyons NEW
  • Alaska Wet & Wild NEW
  • Land of the Toucan NEW
  • Go Go Galapagos NEW
  • Meet me at Macchu Picchu NEW
  • Inca Tales & Trails NEW

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