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Europe, Britain & Ireland for Young Independent Travellers

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Europe, Britain & Ireland for Young Independent Travellers

Busabout, Haggis & Shamrocker

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Make the most of your time and money with flexible, exciting travel options

Having options is a good thing and travel is all about possibilities - where you go, what you do, when and who you do it with.

It's for these reasons Busabout, Haggis & Shamrocker came about - bringing together a collective that shares the same aims - to offer big experiences to independent travellers who want to make their time and money go further.

To make your cash stretch as far as possible, Busabout, Haggis & Shamrocker arms you with excellent guides, a choice of destinations and a choice of travel styles. It's an admirable mission, but one which is made slightly easier by offering multitrip deals, mates' rates and student discounts.

This new brochure is bigger, better and juicier than ever, with more trips and adventures than ever before. If you want a one-stop shop that gives you the widest choice of travel options throughout Europe, the UK, Ireland and North Africa, then you've come to the right place.


Busabout is all about flexible travel, designed exclusively for backpackers and independent travellers and offering a hop-on hop-off network of budget Europe travel covering 33 destinations in 9 countries. You decide where you go and how long you travel for. Their door-to-door hostel service and on-board Guides are there to maximise your European experience.

Busabout Adventures
Awesome in their own right, perfect for extending your Explorer pass or adding to your Eastern European adventures and squeezing more out of your travels, these amazing trips go that bit further - from short breaks and Greek island hopping to sailing the Croatian coast  to visiting the breathtaking pyramids in Egypt to partying the nights away in Ibiza, and experiencing the top European festivals for those who want to party in style!

Busabout Go East
The Eastern Europe pioneers offering adventures with a cool mix of jumping vibrant cities, and off-the beaten-track gems to excite and experience. Eastern Europe is alive, undiscovered and waiting. Even seasoned travellers are raving about the countries that formally made up the Eastern Bloc. Vibrant cities, jaw dropping scenery and rich cultures all add up to make our trips some of the most exciting on the planet. And your cash goes much further here. Easy links to the Busabout hop-on hop-off network will take you further East. Plus with the new Ottoman and the Balkan Treks you can now mix and match Go East with your Croatia Sailing and Greek Island Hopping.

Busabout Destinations: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Romania & Turkey

Haggis Adventures

Off-the-beaten-track award-winning adventures through Scotland, England and Wales offering unique overnight stays like haunted castles, local guides and more! With the best local Guides who are passionate about their country and the famous wee yellow buses, there is no better way to discover Scotland, England and Wales with like-minded travellers.

Shamrock Adventures

Let the Irish show you the real Ireland! Shamrock's world famous Guides live and breathe Celtic history, myths and legends and you will leave loving our country as much as we do! And the 'craic' continues down the pub partying with the locals to traditional music and a few pints of the black stuff. Fan-feckin-tastic!

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