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Europe & Russia Boutique River Cruises 2017

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Europe & Russia Boutique River Cruises 2017

Uniworld River Cruises

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A unique 5-star hotel experience afloat awaits you!

Cruising through picturesque countryside, past charming riverside towns and docking in the heart of cosmopolitan cities makes river cruising the most relaxing way to explore new destinations. You'll unpack just once in your luxury cabin with its picture-window on an astonishing array of history and landscapes.

You'll travel in comfort and style on-board intimate, boutique hotel-style cruise ships elegantly furnished with deluxe amenities. You'll dine on classical European cuisine with a touch of contemporary elegance, and enjoy gracious and attentive service from an all English-speaking crew along the way.

Essential to daily life, important to trade, and notable as routes taken by invading conquerors, the great rivers and waterways of Europe and Russia have shaped the continent's history, culture, and economy for thousands of years, and now they will shape your exciting river cruise adventure. From the enchanting Danube and the legendary Rhine to the vineyard-lined rivers of Portugal and Southern France, the very best of Europe and Russia is on display on your expertly planned Uniworld River Cruise.

With fascinating itineraries, ranging from 8 to 27 days, you'll have a wide selection of programs from which to choose.

Cruise through one country, delving deeply into its culture and history, or journey instead to ten countries on one grand odyssey.

Travel in spring and delight in the rebirth of nature with "Tulips & Windmills" or "Springtime along the Rhine."

Sail through Provence and Burgundy in the summer to see the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh's and Cézanne's paintings.

Cruise through Northern France discovering the countryside that inspired Monet's paintings, or perhaps combine both the North and South of France into one "Grand France" adventure.

Marvel at golden-hued vineyards while cruising Portugal and Spain's UNESCO World Heritage-designated Douro River Valley during the fall, or walk through the classic Christmas markets of Germany while cruising from Nuremberg to Frankfurt during the holidays.

A true 5-star hotel experience afloat awaits you!

Inside this brochure

The Rhine, Moselle, Main & Danube Rivers

Tulips & Windmills

Amsterdam to Antwerp / 10 Days

Belgium, Netherlands

Holland & Belgium at Tulip Time

Brussels to Amsterdam / 8 Days

Belgium, Netherlands

Castles along the Rhine

Basel to Amsterdam / 8 Days

France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

NEW Rhine-Main Discovery & Munich

Munich to Cologne / 10 Days


Legendary Rhine & Moselle

Amsterdam to Basel / 13 Days

France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

Enchanting Danube

Budapest to Passau / 8 Days

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

Danube Discovery & Prague

Vienna to Prague / 10 Days

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany

Delightful Danube & Prague

Budapest to Prague / 10 Days

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary

Highlights of Eastern Europe

Budapest to Bucharest / 10 Days

Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia

Grand European Discovery

Cologne to Vienna / 15 Days

Austria, Germany

European Jewels

Budapest to Amsterdam / 15 Days

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands

Portraits of Eastern Europe

Prague to Bucharest / 19 Days

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

Ultimate European Journey

Amsterdam to Bucharest / 24 Days

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia

Italy's Po River & the Venice Lagoon

Gems of Northern Italy

Milan to Venice / 10 Days


Splendours of Italy

Milan to Rome / 15 Days


France's Seine, Rhône, Saône,
Garonne, Gironde & Dordogne Rivers

NEW Paris & Impressions of the Seine

Paris to Paris / 10 Days


Paris & Normandy

Paris to Paris / 8 Days


Bordeaux, Vineyards & Châteaux

Bordeaux to Bordeaux / 8 Days


Burgundy & Provence

Avignon to Lyon / 8 Days


A Portrait of Majestic France

Paris to Bordeaux / 15 Days


Grand France

Paris to Avignon / 15 Days


Ultimate France

Avignon to Bordeaux / 22 Days


Portugal & Spain's Douro River

Portugal, Spain & the Douro River Valley

Lisbon to Porto / 11 Days

Portugal, Spain

Jewels of Spain, Portugal & the Douro River

Madrid to Lisbon / 13 Days

Portugal, Spain

Russia's Volga, Neva & Svir Rivers

Imperial Waterways of Russia

Moscow to St. Petersburg / 13 Days


Holiday Season Cruises

Rhine Holiday Markets

Basel to Cologne / 8 Days

France, Germany, Switzerland

Danube Holiday Markets

Budapest to Passau / 8 Days

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

Classic Christmas Markets

Nuremberg to Frankfurt / 8 Days


European Holiday Markets

Nuremberg to Vienna / 8 Days

Austria, Germany

Parisian Royal Holiday

Paris to Paris / 8 Days


Enchanting Christmas & New Year's Cruise

Passau to Budapest / 11 Days

Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise

Nuremberg to Budapest / 13 Days

Austria, Germany, Hungary

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