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Farming Tours

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Farming Tours

Swagman Tours

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Specifically designed for people working the land, and others who might just be curious, Swagman's local and international FARM TOURS offer the chance to explore behind the scenes, discovering unique agricultural equipment or methods for farming plantations and/or animals, as well as taking in the sightseeing highlights along the way an unusual and enlightening experience. Fun is, of course, an essential ingredient of any holiday that Swagman puts together! Here is its latest newsletter outlining the farm tours programme and other special-interest tour events.

Swagman Tours' 2016 Farming Tours program includes Lake Eyre, which is filling with water, New Zealand, the Top End, the Kimberley, the UK and more. And for something a little different and off the beaten track, Swagman Tours' founder, Pat Mangan, is leading a trip for country farming people into Kazakhstan and neighbouring Kyrgyztan to see how they live, experience agriculture in a cold climate plus visit Poland and the Czech Republic.

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