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Australia - Accommodated & Camping Tours

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Australia - Accommodated & Camping Tours

Swagman Tours

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Flinders Ranges

Swagman Tours has been operating trips into the heart of Australia since 1986, when director Pat Mangan undertook an impromptu overland journey to the Birdsville Races. The new brochure features 7 x accommodated, and 3 x camping, tour itineraries, visiting remote and beautiful regions of our remarkable continent. Explore our rugged coastlines or the harsher red interior, with destinations including Kangaroo Island, the Gulf of Carpentaria, Kakadu, Kimberley, Snow Country, Flinders Ranges & more. Routes have been chosen to discover local history and industry, to visit homesteads, museums, cattle stations and opal mines, and activities are available to make the most of the breathtaking scenery along the way.

Accommodated Tours

Sunset Country - 12 days

Kimberley Sojourn - 15 days

Outback Queensland & Gulf - 16 days

Lightning Ridge & Warrumbugles - 7 days

Flinders Ranges - 7 days

Canberra, Snowy Mountains & High Country - 7 days

Kanagaroo Island - 7 days

Camping Tours

Kimberley in Depth - 16 days

Kakadu & Red Centre - 12 days

Birdsvile Races - 10 days

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