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Touring the World By Train, Boat & Plane

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Touring the World By Train, Boat & Plane

Scott McGregor's Railway Adventures

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Let train travel inspire your imagination

Australia: Tasmania, Queensland | New Zealand | Switzerland | Scandinavia | Scotland | England | Spain, Portugal, Morocco | Myanmar (Burma) | Java to Bali | Sri Lanka | Japan | Vietnam | South America | Southern Africa

"The trains in any country contain the essential paraphernalia of the culture "
Paul Theroux The Great Railway Bazaar

"This new venture 'on the rails' comes from a growing interest in unique themed journeys and a desire to share the experiences and knowledge I have gained over the years. I get a buzz from creating captivating itineraries; they open doors to places, products, and people not normally available on 'standard' tours.

Please join me on one of these tours, or perhaps you'd like me to build a personalised itinerary for you. After all, one could argue that there's no better way to see the world than from the window of train."
Scott McGregor

Tour Leader and Director Scott McGregor has been involved in the media for over 30 years as an actor, presenter, writer and producer. Graduating from NIDA in 1979, he appeared in a wide range of stage, film and TV roles and has presented and hosted numerous ratings winners including two series of his own Railway Adventures.

Over the last decade Scott has hosted more than a dozen highly successful tours to destinations such as India, Russia, Japan, Queensland and Eastern Europe. He also operates 'Ruwenzori', his Orient Express style tourist retreat near Mudgee, NSW.

Australia & New Zealand

  • Outback Queensland
  • Tasmania by Rail, Road and Sea
  • Southern Queensland & Northern NSW
  • New Zealand by Rail, Road and Sea


  • Winter Wonderland Scandinavia Tour
  • Swiss Alpine Rail Adventure
  • Vienna to the Vatican
  • Scotland by Rail
  • Scandinavia by Rail, Road and Sea
  • Icons of England & Wales
  • Scandinavia by Rail, Road and Sea
  • Spain, Portugal, Morocco: A Moorish Adventure


  • Burma by Rail, Road, Air and River
  • Japan by Rail
  • The Legendary Silk Road by Private Train
  • Java to Bali by Rail, Road and Sea
  • Vietnam by Private Train
  • Sri Lanka on the Viceroy Special

South America

  • The Andes Railway Adventure

Southern Africa

  • Southern Africa Aboard the African Explorer

Rocky Mountaineer Train

Heritage train

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