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Silk Road China & Tibet

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Silk Road China & Tibet

Travel Masters

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Great value, inclusive, quality small group tour with the experts

Departs from Australia 6 September 2018 | Including the Qinghai-Tibet Railway | Xian, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar, Xining, Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Tsetang & Chengdu.

Potala Palace

This Travel Masters Small Group Fully Escorted Tour departs from Brisbane and promises the finest and best located accommodation, all-inclusive sightseeing and exclusive, unique experiences all at great value.

Silk was first cultivated in China around 2600BC, but it took 2.5 millennia for it to spread west. The journeys west by China's emissary Zhang Qiang, in the 2nd century BC, brought the Chinese Han Dynasty into political contact with many kingdoms of Central Asia, and hence opened up the great East-West trade route, now known as the Silk Road.

This trade route would eventually become a chain of camel caravan trails, a vast conduit for exchanging goods and information, stretching thousands of kilometres from Changan (Xian) in China, across the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts, through the rich oases of Turpan and Kashgar. From here the route continued into modern Afghanistan, Iran and Syria on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, with further branches connecting to the Roman Empire at Constantinople (Istanbul) and beyond.

Today, oasis towns, tranquil lakes, snow capped mountains, Buddhist caves, and remnants of ancient cities add allure to the wilderness en route, maintaining the mystique and romance of the Silk Road. Large communities of Muslims continue to flourish, and vast Buddhist cave complexes mark the ancient frontier between old China and the deserts of Central Asia. Today it is not just the historic significance that makes the Silk Road intriguing, but the incredible scenery and ethnic diversity along the way.

Travel Masters offers a great small group tour with rewarding cultural experiences and friendly people in wonderful and intriguing country, with many highlights, as detailed below.

By Rail into Tibet

The Qinghai-Tibet Railroad, the highest in the world, connects Tibet with the rest of China. You can now see for yourself the spectacular scenery of the mysterious Qinghai Tibet Plateau from the relative comfort of a passenger tourist train, the 'Lhasa Express'. Departing from Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, the train travels 1956 kms to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

Tour Highlights

  • XIAN - Ancient 'Changan', historic centre of Chinese Civilisation - Home to the Terracotta Warriors & historic starting point of the famous Silk Road
  • JIAYUGUAN - Guarding the famous Silk Road's Hexi Corridor - Spectacular Ming Dynasty Fortress at the western extremity of the Great Wall, Western extremity of the Great Wall, Weijin Dynasty tomb, Great Wall Museum
  • DUNHUANG - China's most significant capital of Buddhist Art - World famous Buddhist murals and sculptures of the Mogao Grottoes, Mogao History and Research Institute, Camel ride in the Ming Sha Sand Dunes, Crescent Moon Lake, Folkloric show, Dunhuang evening market
  • TURPAN - World famous oasis in the Gobi Desert - Historic Karez underground irrigation system, vineyards and agricultural crops of the Turpan Depression (World's second lowest, 154m below sea level), ruins of the Han Dynasty desert garrison town of Jaiohe, Tuyugou Auger Village, Emin Afghan-style mosque and its famous minaret, Flaming Mountains, Traditional Uyghur Music and Dance.
  • URUMQI - Furtherest place in the world from an ocean (2250kms) - Archaeological relics and 4000 year old mummies of Xinjiangs Lost Cities in the Regional Museum,Heavenly Lake, grassfields and snow capped peaks of the Nanshan Prairies, the Kazakh and Mongolian people and their horse culture, yurt houses
  • KASHGAR - Exotic remote outpost, historic focal point of Old Chinese Turkestan - World famous Sunday livestock market, Old Kashgar & its traditional handicraft skills, musical instrument & pottery workshops, Fragrant Concubines Tomb, Idkah Mosque
  • XINING - One of China's mysterious cities, on 2260 metre northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau world famous Kumbum Lamasery, Yak Butter sculptures

Why Travel Masters

With over 21 Years' Experience, Travel Masters boasts an award-winning team of highly qualified international consultants trained to assist you in all your travel needs.

Having travelled most continents of the world and experienced a number of the most diverse cultural backgrounds known to mankind, they offer clients a personalised approach to booking holidays, with extensive personal knowledge and understanding.

Managing directors Beth and Bob Malcolm are champions of the travel industry, with collectively more than 25 years' experience. Beth is well recognised in the travel and tourism sector as the past National Vice-President of the Australian Institute of Travel and Tourism, and as the two-time winner of the Australian Travel Management Award.

Bob and Beth personally escort small groups to unique and culturally diverse destinations throughout the world, ensuring that each person on the tour has the experience of a lifetime. Whether it's travelling to tourism meccas or exotic islands, you will be guaranteed a well organised, well paced and memorable holiday.


  • Best Regional Travel Agency in Australia
  • Australian Travel Centre of the Year
  • State and National Awards for Excellence

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