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Trans Siberian Railway, Mongolia, India, Silk Road

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Trans Siberian Railway, Mongolia, India, Silk Road

Sundowners Overland

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Sharing Asia Overland. Differently.

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China | Mongolia | Russia | Japan | India | Uzbekistan | Kyrgystan | Khazakhistan | Iran | Turkey | Turkmenistan | Armenia

Sharing Asia Overland. Differently.

If you have a passion for exploring and experiencing other cultures, combined with a dash of excitement and adventure tours, then Sundowners Overland has a journey to suit your holiday style.

For nearly 50 years, Sundowners Overland has been crossing Asia from India to Europe, offering the most extensive choice of overland journeys across the region.

As the world's leading Trans Siberian Railway, Trans Mongolian and Silk Road tour operator, Sundowners Overland aims to offer the best journeys possible for anyone with a passion for discovery.

Sundowners Overland is a specialist in this region, providing a unique level of service and knowledge of these destinations, and can create personalised travel experiences specially for you. Travel on a unique small group tour or by yourself on your own independent or Tailor-Made journey.

Asia has a long tradition of overland travel and it remains possible to follow the ancient paths of trade and conquest through the lands once ruled by Scythians, Persians, Parthians, Sogdians, Mongols and Moghuls.

At the heart of these overland adventures are the challenges and rewards of crossing the natural boundaries of desert and mountain and the remote national borders linking these diverse countries.

Sundowners Overland' s journeys are suitable for almost everybody and age is rarely a factor. A willingness to be involved, a positive and flexible approach to travel and an understanding of the particular demands of your chosen journey will ensure your enjoyment on one of the most satisfying and rewarding travel experiences of your life.

Sundowners Overland believes your journey starts from your initial enquiry and continues through to the successful completion of your journey.

The Silk Road & India

If you are looking for some 'spice' in your travels, the journeys along the Silk Road to Central Asia offer some of the most stunning scenery and exotic history of Asia. The epic 45 day Grand Asian Caravan offers an incredible panorama of the very best of Central Asia.

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.

Trans Siberian & Trans Mongolian Railways

For lovers of travel and lovers of railways alike, this is an incredible passing panorama across a vast and dramatic landscape. Travelling across the breadth of China, Mongolia and Russia on board the Trans Siberian or Mongolian railways is a must. For sheer distance, intrigue and, on completion, the tremendous sense of real personal satisfaction, no other train journey comes anywhere near it.

Fully Escorted Tours

These are Sundowners Overland's benchmark journeys. They are great value and use 3-star hotels, comfortable guesthouses and gers (the traditional home of nomads across Central Asia) when travelling in Mongolia and Central Asia. There is plenty of time to experience local life and enjoy the sights each city has to offer. Fully Escorted Tours offer an easy pace that will suit most travellers. A Sundowners Overland Tour Leader is on hand to ensure you not only see the sights but venture behind the scenes to explore the markets, bazaars and tea-houses.

Premium & Deluxe Tours

The new 'Premium & Deluxe' tours offer all the highlights of the Trans Mongolian/Trans Siberian rail journey with a very high level of comfort. Sundowners Overland's private rail carriages deliver all the romance and adventure of the great Trans Siberian-Mongolian Railway for the discerning traveller. Twin share accommodation is provided throughout the journey: aboard the train, in all hotels, while staying in a traditional Mongolian Ger and at our Siberian Guesthouse. These journeys offer a level of style, service and comfort not available on any other Trans Mongolian Railway tour.

Experience Tours

Discover an alternative to conventional touring. Experience Tours include knowledgeable local guides in each city but no appointed 'Tour Leader'. Experience Tours are designed for travellers who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of independent travel but like to take advantage of the benefits of travelling in a small group (maximum 15 travellers). Each journey is carefully structured to ensure flexibility and a comfortable travel pace with time to explore, relax and enjoy the regions you are visiting.

Independent Journeys

The essential elements of Independent Journeys are freedom and flexibility. Independent Journeys such as these don't suit everyone. They require a degree of self-reliance and personal resourcefulness, which in themselves represent part of the appeal. For those who welcome the challenge and are undaunted by the occasional hurdle the independent traveller has to overcome, you owe it to yourself to participate in a truly exceptional adventure.

Luxury Private Trains

Experience a voyage of a lifetime by Private Train board the fully en-suite Golden Eagle that covers 10,000 kms across 8 time zones on its journey from Moscow to Vladivostok (or vice-versa). These trains contain some of the finest accommodation available in luxury train travel today, offering a high level of comfort; particularly important in the cabins, which will be your 'hotel room' on wheels and also featuring one or two lovingly designed restaurant cars and a spacious bar car.

Tailor Made Journeys

Experience the wide open spaces of Asia for yourself aboard your own overland journey. Live the adventure for yourself aboard Asia's most remarkable railways or along its most famous trade route. Joining the cities via road, rail and high passes is only limited by your imagination. Sundowners Overland can tailor a journey that suits your time, budget and adventurous spirit. Tailor Made Journeys mean that you do not travel with a tour group, but on your own or with your own companions on an itinerary that is customised for you.

New Journeys

Sundowners Overland's new 'Premium & Deluxe' tours have been a great success; they offer all the highlights of the Trans Mongolian/Trans Siberian rail journey with a very high level of comfort. If you are looking for some 'spice' in your travels, Sundowners' journeys along the Silk Road to Central Asia offer some of the most stunning scenery and exotic history of Asia. The epic 45 day Grand Asian Caravan offers an incredible panorama of the very best of Central Asia.

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