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Aurora Expeditions

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Unlock the secrets of Russia’s remote wilderness

White Sea | Franz Josef Land | North East Passage | Kamchatka | Kuril Islands

Travel to the ends of the earth and discover amazing regions with experienced guides and a small group of like-minded travellers.

Three years after its inaugural voyages to the Kuril Islands and along Kamchatka Peninsula, Aurora Expeditions has added amazing voyages to the White Sea, remote Franz Josef Land, and most incredible of all, a 26-day adventure across the North East Passage, from European Russia to the Far East.

Discover the secluded islands and spectacular coastline of this forgotten land, with its abundant wildlife, incredible seabird rookeries, exotic cultures and the thrill of investigating abandoned military or weather outposts.

Explore remote Russia with friends

Exotic and rarely visited, Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land, Chukotka, Kamchatka, and the Kurils encompass a wilderness protected by Arctic storms, strong tides and, for some, shifting pack ice. Voyage itineraries are subject to change, an unpredictability that is the essence of adventure.

Wilderness voyages off the beaten track are best experienced in small groups, from the comfort and safety of the floating base camp, Akademik Shokalskiy, that accommodates a maximum of 54 passengers. Combined with a small, ice-strengthened ship, this gives the flexibility to reach places closed to larger vessels, and allows more time to explore.

Akademik Shokalskiy is an exceptional vessel for polar travel due to her strength, manoeuvrability and size. The spacious bridge is always open and decks are ideal for viewing the dramatic polar landscapes and wildlife. All cabins have outside portholes and ample storage space, whilst the public areas include a lounge bar, a lecture room/library, sauna, medical office and dining rooms.

Meals are wholesome, delicious and prepared by Western chefs, while Russian stewardesses attend the dining room. The vessel is also equipped with a small fleet of inflatable Zodiacs ensuring easy travel from ship to shore.

A relaxed, casual atmosphere on board dovetails with Aurora's passion for ‘getting out amongst it’ at every opportunity. In an age where adventure travel has become a commodity, and more and more small companies are subsumed into huge conglomerates, Aurora's original goals remain unchanged – to visit wild places that stir the soul, to share adventures with new friends and deliver personal attention on unforgettable expeditions.

Aurora Expeditions staff are among the best in the industry and a team of naturalists, historians and guides will unlock the mysteries of the incredible environments you visit.

The small group numbers on Aurora’s vessels allow passengers to visit areas outside the reach of conventional ships; while Zodiacs allow for exploration of hidden bays and inlets.

About Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions is one of Australia’s most experienced expedition companies and a pioneer of travel to Antarctica. For nearly two decades the company has taken small groups of travellers to the ends of the earth and has earned a solid reputation for pushing the boundaries of adventure travel.

Founded in 1992, owner-explorers Greg and Margaret Mortimer, veterans of almost three decades of Antarctic research, mountaineering and polar travel, set out to share their passion for Antarctica with like-minded travellers. Their aim was simple – to take small groups of travellers on voyages of discovery to regions that inspired them, thereby creating lifelong ambassadors for the preservation and protection of these sacred environments.

Over the years Aurora has expanded its scope from polar exploration to include new, rarely explored destinations such as Papua New Guinea & the Russian Far East. In its quest to seek destinations that push the boundaries of travel, it has purposely kept the numbers of participants on each departure small, allowing more intimate encounters with wildlife and cultures, and lessening its impact on the regions visited.

Under the guidance of experienced leaders who have a great respect for natural and cultural environments, Aurora Expeditions continues to approach expedition travel as a catalyst for making a difference in one’s life, and in the world.

2011 Expedition Program

  • Secrets of the White Sea – Murmansk to Arkhangelsk - 10 days
  • Voyage to the End of the Earth – Arkhangelsk to Murmansk - 12 days
  • Across the North East Passage – Murmansk to Anadyr - 26 days
  • Bering Sea Explorer – Anadyr to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy - 12 days
  • The Ring of Fire – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Korsakov - 13 days

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