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Europe, Britain & Ireland Small Group Tours

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Europe, Britain & Ireland Small Group Tours

Albatross Tours

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Unique, Leisurely Escorted Small Group Tours of Europe small groups, longer stays, genuinely inclusive

Britain, Ireland, Italy, Sicily, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic

Albatross Tours' unique, leisurely escorted tours of Europe include tours of Britain, Ireland, Italy, Sicily, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and the Czech Republic. These distinct, genuinely inclusive small-group tours have been specially designed to create a truly rewarding experience.

Tours designed for you

Albatross designs tours specially for you - the Australian and New Zealand traveller. Itineraries offer a balance of included regional and city sightseeing, along with longer stays, guaranteed "My Time", more inclusions, more experiences and sensible itinerary planning. Albatross understands that you want more from an escorted tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits and long drives on a coach. With Albatross, it is all about your touring experience.

2, 3, 4 and even 5 night stays

Nobody likes unpacking their bags each evening, and then having to re-pack them again early the next morning. That is why, apart from possibly the first or last night of the tour, there are no '1 night stops' on any of our tours. Tours have a more sensible pace with 3, 4 and even 5 night stays in each captivating city or region. Longer stays ensure you have more quality leisure time to relax and savour each place. Some days are completely free for the simple pleasure of it! Since you are not changing hotels or travelling long distances every day, early morning departures are extremely rare.

Small Groups

With group sizes ranging from just 10 to 28 on the Europe & UK Small Group Tours, you can experience a more personal style of touring. Less time is wasted travelling and you get swifter priority access to all the attractions and special events. Small groups can stay in hotels chosen for their style, character and location authentic hotels that larger tour groups often cannot consider staying in. Dining out is also more enjoyable as we can use delightful local restaurants rather than standard, larger group establishments.

'Having only 21 people in our tour group meant we had plenty of room to spread ourselves around the coach, which was wonderful. Plus travelling in a smaller group gave everyone the opportunity to mix and become friends.' Lyn and Peter

Genuinely Inclusive NO additional 'on tour' costs.

Albatross tours include all special excursions and visits, sightseeing tours and feature dinners - even the end of tour tips to your tour manager and driver! Travelling with Albatross, you will find it far easier to budget for your daily holiday expenses as there is complete transparency on where your money is going.

'We experienced a good balance of organised sightseeing and free time and loved the fact that everything was paid for prior and included in the tour price no optional or extras to pay while we were on tour. On the whole we had an excellent tour experience.' Col

8 Reasons why you will love Albatross Tours

1. Designed for you

Unique tour itineraries designed to suit the travel needs of Australians and New Zealanders.

2. Longer stays

Enjoy 2, 3, 4 and even 5 night stays in each captivating city or region.

3. Small, more intimate groups

Travel with a small group of like-minded travellers with group sizes from just 10 to 28 travellers!

4. Genuinely inclusive

We guarantee there are NO 'optional' activity costs - even your 'end of tour' tips are included.

5. See more, experience more

Each tour is packed with fabulous local dining, high quality excursions and authentic experiences.

6. Unique Accommodation

Stay in first class, character style accommodation in superb locations.

7. 'My Time' Guaranteed!

Albatross Tours guarantees your 'My Time' so you can relax and truly enjoy the destinations you have travelled so far to see.

8. Experience you can trust

Albatross Tours has well over 20 years of experience in successfully creating and operating market leading European tours.

Unique, Leisurely Escorted Tours of Europe

  • Best of British 16 Days
  • The Ireland Connection 14 Days
  • An Alpine Adventure 17 Days
  • Black Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol 15 Days
  • Through Bohemia & Saxony - 15 Days
  • 'Magnifico' Spain & Portugal 18 Days
  • Northern Spain & the Pyrenees 17 Days
  • Croatia & the Adriatic 13 Days
  • La Petite Francem - 10 Days
  • La Grande France 16 Days
  • Italian Lakes & Tuscany 16 Days
  • The Italian 'Grande' 18 Days
  • Italian 'Alternativo' - 15 Days
  • Italy, the Deep South & Sicily 17 Days

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