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Asia & Russia

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Asia & Russia

Tucan Travel

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Take the Adventure of a Lifetime

Small Group Tours & Independent Travel: Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Tucan Travel has 25 years of experience leading travellers to some of the most exciting and inspiring destinations in the world. In Asia and Russia, Tucan has chosen to use local transport as much as possible as travellers have said that they see these regions of the world as a real 'hands on' experience.

Adventures include such contrasting routes as the Silk Road and The Trans Mongolian Railway to itineraries which concentrate on specific regions or travel through several countries.

Witness sunrise at Angkor Wat or on the 88th step of the Great Wall. Gaze at a Da Vinci in St Petersburg or have your portrait painted in Hanoi. From Red Square to Tiananmen Square, these Asia & Russia itineraries will make you want to take a year off and just travel. Tucan Travel shares your exploratory spirit, passion for adventure and desire for truly authentic and unique experiences - and is determined to give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Join Tucan Travel for sunrise at Angkor Wat or on the 88th step of the Great Wall. Let us show you a Da Vinci in St Petersburg or have your portrait painted in Hanoi. From Red Square to Tiananmen Square, Tucan Travel's Asia and Russia itineraries will make you want to take a year off and just travel.

Most travellers don't enjoy being constricted by tours that push you into shops or tell you what you have to see, so you will see the highlights as a group, do an orientation tour and have access to plenty of advice. You can do as much or as little with the group as you like and your Tour Leader will always be there to give you hand, meet up with the group for dinner and organise any excursions that are best visited as a group.


India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Japan

South East Asia
Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos


Why choose Tucan Travel

  • Tucan Travel offers many styles of travel including touring options and independent travel.
  • Tucan Travel works with the World Land Trust to minimise our impact on the environment and local communities.
  • Tucan Travel operates its own tours, which enables very competitive prices.
  • Tucan Travel is a privately-owned company that focuses on each individual traveller as an important client.
  • Tucan Travel designs tour prices and brochures with no hidden costs.
  • Tucan Travel offers discounts available at any time for its travellers - including early bookings, students, over 55s, 2nd tour, past traveller and 3+ group bookings which can be combined to save 15% off all group tour prices.

Tucan Travel Styles

Adventure Tours

See the world in an authentic way and travel the way local people do. Adventure Tours are designed to suit travellers who love being able to travel on many different forms of transport with local people and stay in pleasant, but not necessarily luxurious accommodation. Adventure Tours include a range of excursions, from camel safaris to bicycle tours, national parks and ancient palaces. If you enjoy travelling with people of all ages, are happy to carry your own bags and don't mind roughing it occasionally, then these tours will be just right for you.

  • Tucan's tours in Asia and Russia are designed to suit travellers who love the concept of being able to travel on regional transport with the local people. You'll enjoy a mixture of getting out and about to explore for yourself and group excursions throughout the Asia.
  • Tucan Travel's tour leaders are dedicated crew and passionate about each destination.
  • Tucan uses local guides at specific sights that we visit to supplement Tour Leaders. We try as much as possible to use the same guides for all our tours so that we can build a relationship between our company and the guide.
  • You will stay in small locally owned hotels which are centrally located. Mostly family-run, these hotels offer a friendly and safe atmosphere for travellers whilst putting money back into the local economy.

Just Go Tours

Just Go tours are designed for the adventure traveller that just wants to get up and go. The most important thing about these adventures is getting out to the destination and enjoying the amazing experiences to be had along the tour, all the while meeting other interesting people as you go. With a focus on 'where you go' and not so much the 'how you get there,' and whether you travel by chartered coach, public bus or overnight train; it's the being there that counts most of all.

Independent Travel

  • Build your own or choose from predesigned stopover packages including transfers, hotels and excursions for major gateway cities.
  • Independent travel is for travellers who want the flexibility and freedom to design their own individual itinerary using our range of Hotels, excursions and guided tours in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, China and Russia.

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