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Ocean Cruises brochure supplement

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Ocean Cruises brochure supplement

Viking Cruises

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Get the latest updates from Viking Ocean Cruises in this mini brochure - a supplement to the 2017-2019 Viking Ocean Cruises main brochure. The supplement features Viking's brand new itineraries as well as letting you know about new departures on existing itineraries.

Find out about the six completely new ocean itineraries Viking is introducing, exploring Northern and Western Europe. New ports include Alta and Narvik in Norway; Skagen and Fredericia in Denmark; the charming Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast; Vigo in Spain's Basque country, Tilbury on England's south-east coast and the bustling port of Hamburg in Germany.

Grab this perfect companion to the 2017-2019 Viking Ocean Cruises main brochure now.

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