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Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Expedition Cruises

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Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Expedition Cruises

Aurora Expeditions

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Ecuador: Amazonia & Galapagos Islands

Aurora's Ecuador & Galapagos tour map

An extraordinary itinerary over 26 days showcases Ecuador's diversity, from the Napo River in the Amazon Basin, home to piranhas, caymans and pink dolphins; to the soaring, ice-capped 'Avenue of Volcanoes' and the Galapagos Islands, where your snorkel companion might be a sea lion, marine iguana or turtle. Throughout your expedition, you will see fantastic examples of the country's extraordinary history, from the Inca empire to Spanish conquistadores, exquisite marble palaces and cathedrals to Indian culture in both the highlands and deep within the Amazon. On board the 36-passenger, luxury riverboat Anakonda, you will explore the remote Amazon tributary, the Napo River. By day and night, watch for red howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, pink river dolphins, caimans, otters and spectacular parrots. You will meet the rainforest people and learn of their culture and beautiful crafts.

Then you will fly to the Galapagos Islands to board the delightful, 36-passenger, Isabela II to enjoy spectacular and easily-photographed wildlife - from marine iguanas to giant tortoises, sea lions to penguins. Return to the mainland to visit the volcanoes, including Cotopaxi, at 5897 metres the country's highest, and the national parks of central Ecuador. Aurora Expeditions' 'Ecuador in Depth' takes you to wondrous worlds in absolute comfort.

From deep within the Amazon Basin, where rainforest tribes keep traditions alive, to the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands and an Andean spectacle along the Avenue of Volcanoes, Ecuador offers biological and cultural diversity found nowhere else on Earth. Over 24 spectacular days, you will explore the breadth of this special country, with each day bringing new wonders, whether canoeing along a blackwater river, snorkelling with sea lions and reef sharks or trekking on an active volcano. Aurora's spectacular Ecuador exploration is indeed an adventure of a lifetime.

Why travel with Aurora Expeditions?

Small groups are best

At sea, Aurora Expeditions' high-latitude, expedition ship is small enough to go where others can't, often resulting in more landings. On land, Aurora's group size is limited to 16. Fewer people means a more personalised experience and a lasting camaraderie.

Consistently Aurora Expeditions.

Rather than book you onto another company's trip, Aurora Expeditions operate only its own expeditions, either on vessels that it charters, or working closely with local experts who share its ethos and style.

Aurora Expeditions' staff put you first

Your security, wellbeing and understanding of the places you visit are Aurora Expeditions' staff's priorities. Aurora's staff have a passion for sharing their knowledge and making everyone feel as if they are on the same team.

Enrichment through understanding

The more Aurora Expeditions' remote area specialists share their knowledge about the history and natural environments you encounter, the more rewarding the experience.

Environmental sensitivity

Aurora Expeditions' helped develop international environmental guidelines for the polar regions you visit, and consciously limits the number of people it takes to its destinations.

Flexibility and freedom

Aurora Expeditions stops for breaching whales! Enjoy your destinations in your own way, within the bounds of safety. Hike up a snow slope, take your time photographing wildlife, inspect historical huts or simply sit and admire the view.

Aurora Expeditions' spirit of adventure!

Photograph wind-plumes on Mt Everest, share the trail with gauchos, yak-herders or rarely-visited rainforest hunters. Scuba dive or snorkel with leopard seals, sea kayak with whales or enjoy a feast of tundra berries. Ponder ancient rock paintings or lift your spirits in a Buddhist monastery. No matter where in the world, Aurora Expeditions encourages a true sense of exploration.

Aurora Expeditions has fun

Aurora Expeditions loves what it does and believes that everyone involved, from expeditioners to staff, ship's crews to trekking teams, shares the same goal the best expedition imaginable!

Many inclusions

Whether it's a stylish jacket and photo journal memento to keep, or gumboots to wear on our polar voyages; flights for our fly/sail Antarctic program; linking flights in Iceland, Alaska, Ecuador, Nepal and Africa or Everest heliflights, our inclusions are what most others would consider extras.

Environmental Stewardship

From Aurora's very first Antarctic voyage in 1992, it has been committed to environmentally responsible tourism practices. Founding Australian members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), Aurora supports research, donates funds, and allocates resources to ensure it leaves places it visits as it found them or better. As you travel with Aurora,it hopes you develop a deeper understanding of the natural forces shaping our world. By creating lifelong environmental ambassadors, Aurora aims to preserve the wild places for future generations.

If you're a solo traveller, welcome on board!

Aurora Expeditions welcomes many solo travellers on its trips, and their numbers are increasing each year. Maybe it's simply the nature of the expeditions, but Aurora understands what a big step it is for many to set off on their own. To address this, Aurora has developed its informal 'cabin-mate finding service' that matches solo travellers with a cabin mate of the same gender. And it has had great success so far! Aurora Expeditions' small groups and relaxed atmosphere make it easy to make new friends (and remember everyone's name!), and the inspiring destinations are a great conversation starter. Plus, by sharing a cabin you'll also avoid paying any extra 'single supplements'. You might arrive alone, but Aurora can guarantee that you'll go home with lifelong friends.

Galapagos Islands

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