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South America, Africa & Asia Adventures for 20s & 30s

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South America, Africa & Asia Adventures for 20s & 30s

Tucan Travel

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Flexible, fun adventures for young travellers

Peru | Bolivia | Argentina | Chile | Ecuador| Brazil | Thailand | Cambodia | Vietnam | Laos | India

Anyone who wants to travel in the company of other young, fun and like-minded people will love a small group adventure.

Nobody wants to see the world on their own, so these tours aim to unite you with other adventure seekers from all over the world who have similar interests and passions. You can rest assured that on a Tucan tour you'll be with a great bunch of people who are near the same age, on the same wavelength and are geared up for the experience of a lifetime! Based on the nature of this travel style, these small group tours are generally suitable for people aged in their 20s and 30s.

These trips are all about choice and flexibility. Your tour price is kept down because you are able to choose your own activities and create a holiday that suits your personality and budget. Excursions are optional so you can pick the ones you want.

Tucan Travel is a specialist adventure tour operator with over 25 years experience operating high quality, affordable and exciting adventures to worldwide destinations.

Why a Tucan tour?

These Tucan tours are specifically designed for young, fun, like-minded individuals looking for the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Part of the joy of travelling is meeting and getting to know new people. Everything is made easy for you - accommodation is booked, transport organised and your Tucan Travel tour leaders have the best regional knowledge to guide you through the breathtaking countries. This leaves you with few worries and only the responsibility of enjoying your tour as much as possible.

While on the road in South America, fresh food is purchased locally. Good food is paramount to a successful tour and the policy is to buy the best and freshest ingredients available. Meals when camping and lunches on travel days are included. Everyone is expected to get involved in the cooking and cleaning for the duration of the tour.
On Asia tours, meals are generally not included although there are a few exceptions. All tours can cater for vegetarians and those with food allergies.

Optional Excursions
These tours do not include excursions meaning you only have to budget for the optional excursions that you really want to do. Choose your activities from a full list of optional excursions and then book them locally with help from your tour leader.

South America Transport
The majority of travelling time on these tours is spent on modern, comfortable, custom-built expedition vehicles. These trucks have been engineered to deal with challenging terrain so they can take mountains, deserts and even rivers in their stride. On some optional excursions you will use locally hired vehicles or you may be required to travel to the locations independently.

South America Camping
Self-contained expedition vehicles carry all the necessary top quality equipment to ensure that camping is well organised and fun. While you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and mat, spacious two-person tents are used with plenty of room. Campsites vary from established sites with good facilities to occasional free-camping in the wild. The vehicles come equipped with full kitchen equipment including a barbeque and an external sound system, so every night on the road can be a party. Occasionally you'll stay in inexpensive hotels, hostels or guesthouses on a share basis, usually with a private bathroom.

Asia Transport
See the world in an authentic way and travel the way local people do. In Asia, the tours use a variety of transport depending on the region. Vehicles can range from local buses to private minibuses, comfortable coaches with a/c, regional flights, overnight trains and buses, ferries, speedboats, junk boats or tuk-tuks. At times you may take a taxi or even walk to your hotel. The aim is not simply to get from A to B but to help you to experience each destination as a genuine traveller, not as a first-class tourist.

Asia Accommodation
Accommodation is generally the equivalent in comfort and amenities of a two-star hotel. We stay in small hotels, hostels and guest houses which are usually situated close to the main sights and town centers. They are chosen for their local ambience and attributes like character, location, atmosphere, cleanliness and security.

South America

  • Optional Excursions & Add-ons
  • Machu Picchu Information
  • Rio Carnival Information1
  • Road to Machu Picchu - 19 days | Peru
  • Peruvian Trails - 22 days | Peru
  • Northern Andes - 21 days | Ecuador & Peru
  • Inca Explorer - 21 days | Peru & Bolivia
  • Inti Express - 42 days | Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia
  • Andean Discoverer - 42 days | Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Chile
  • Andean Trek - 63 days | Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Chile
  • Andes to Rio - 28 days | Bolivia, Argentina & Brazil
  • Southern Cross - 49 days | Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Brazil
  • Discover Patagonia - 49 days | Chile, Argentina & Brazil
  • Pacifi c to Atlantic - 70 days | Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina & Brazil
  • Grand Adventure - 70 days | Bolivia, Argentina, Chile & Brazil
  • Grand Discoverer - 91 days | Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile & Brazil
  • South American Explorer - 112 days | Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile & Brazil


  • Optional Excursions & Add-ons
  • Wat's Up Cambodia? - 8 days | Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
  • Vietnam Discovered - 9 days | Vietnam
  • Laos & Tribal Thailand - 14 days | Vietnam, Laos & Thailand
  • Road to Vietnam - 16 days | Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
  • The Heart of South East Asia - 21 days | Vietnam, Laos, Thailand & Cambodia
  • South East Asia Uncovered - 22 days | Vietnam, Laos & Thailand
  • South East Asia Loop - 29 days | Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam
  • Golden Triangle - 8 days | India
  • Enlightened India - 13 days | India
  • Heart & Soul of India - 17 days | India
  • Colours of India - 22 days | India

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