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One life, one shot, so make it count. No regrets.

Small group adventures for 18-35s

Contiki. The original adventure travel company for 18 to 35s. Sure, there was no Facebook back in 1962, but there was a world that needed exploring, a beaten up old mini-van, and a group of mates with adventure in their bones. Since that first trip, we've spent 50 years perfecting the art of living with no regrets. And to tell you the truth, we've gotten pretty damn good at it. There's so much to discover in Australia. You won't want to miss a thing, which is why we cover Australia's 'Best Of', while still allowing you heaps of free time and flexible options to find your own adventures.

You may have grown up here, or now call Aussie home... but how much have you really experienced of Australia? Too often we look to travel elsewhere, and forget about the adventures in our own backyard. Itís time to discover the places you always wanted to go (or those you might not have thought about). And always only with 18-35ís - no younger, no older. Itís time to let the adventure begin. Donít waste a moment or let any experience pass you by. Make every moment count.

So, take a break from the daily grind. Swap your 9 to 5 for epic moments and channel your inner explorer. When did you last try snorkeling in the Reef, scaling Kings Canyon, skydiving, or sailing the Whitsundays? And get it all organised for you?

Head out on an adventure with a bunch of people your age, and in your mind-set. Get those bragging rights in full force and explore your Australia.

Insider access included as standard on every trip.

Think about the last time you were at a concert. What would have made it better? Exactly...a Backstage Pass. And thatís exactly what we offer.

Discover the sights of Australia youíve just got to see. And why not? Just pack your bags & weíll sort the rest. Outback adventure, dive trip, festival, long adventure up the coast? Weíve got you covered on all of the above! Our Backstage Pass is a combination of all the things below, many exclusive to us, that come together to make up your trip like no other. Best of all, it comes included as part of every trip.

4 Ways To Go

1. Amazing Trips 2. Diving 3. Special Events 4. Festivals
What's the Go?

Long or short adventures to Australia's best spots

Dive the iconic Great Barrier Reef (beginner or advanced

Experience the world-famous Sydney New Year celebrations

Get amongst the festival vibe at Splendour in the Grass

Staying Where?

Mix of hotels, beach & eco resorts, hostels, & Contikiís Special Stays (multi-share)

Lots of included WiFi

Hostel & dive-boat (multi ir twin-share)

Hotel (mutli-share)

WiFi available

Hostel options or pre-setup tents in Contiki's own exclusive area

How Long?

Trips from 5-25 days

3-5 days

4 days

5 days


Breakfast daily.

Lots of included dinners

Breakfast daily, lunches & dinners

Breakfast daily & an included dinner

Breakfast daily

Your Team

Tour Manager, Driver & Local Guides

PADI certified dive experts

Tour Manager

Tour Manager, Driver & Contiki Reps

Contiki, your backstage pass to Australia

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS After 50 years of travelling the world we've got travel down to a fine art. Sweet hook ups, insider knowledge and tricks of the trade. Our comfy coaches (some with WiFi) get you around with ease. It's access to Australia and New Zealand that just can't be beaten.

  • EXCLUSIVE Our overnights will really impress. Think a slice of tropical utopia at a Whitsunday Island resort or wake up to views over Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown. We make sure you sleep tight every night.

  • EXCLUSIVE FOOD†From mouth-watering steaks in the Outback to kiwi classics like fish 'n' chips Ė there's no time like mealtime. We still leave you lots of ME Time to head out & explore Aussie tastes too.

  • EXCLUSIVE The freedom to explore the way you want. It's an important part of travelling, so we provide you with loads of ME Time to discover & create your own adventure. We call it ME Time because it's all about you.

  • EXCLUSIVE TEAM We bring the real Australia and New Zealand to life Ė our Tour Managers & Drivers are all passionate about their home & love sharing it with you. We'll get you off the tourist trails & into the heart of country.

  • EXCLUSIVE INCLUSIONS More inclusions to unlock the Aussie and Kiwi icons, and hidden treasures the locals love. We'll open your eyes to Australia and New Zealand's best. The parts that will really make your trip.

Australia tours

  • The Big Walkabout - New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory
  • Reefs & Rainforests - New South Wales, Queensland
  • Beaches & Reefs - New South Wales, Queensland
  • The Sun Seeker - Queensland
  • Sunsets & Surf - New South Wales, Queensland
  • Island & Rainforest - Queensland
  • Tropical Wonder - Queensland
  • City to Surf - New South Wales, Queensland
  • Whitsundays Sailing
  • Outback Adventure - Northern Territory
  • Alice & Kakadu - Northern Territory
  • Rock & Red - Northern Territory
  • Dive packages - Great Barrier Reef
  • Sydney for New Year
  • Aussie Festivals

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