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DIY European boating holidays - No experience required

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DIY European boating holidays - No experience required

Le Boat

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The best way to experience authentic Europe

England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland

No licence required to enjoy Le Boat

Le Boat offers the widest selection of self-drive boating holidays in the UK and Europe and best of all; no experience is necessary and no license is required.

A Le Boat holiday is a whole new experience that allows you to captain your own way through the canals, rivers and waterways of one of our unique European destinations; stopping wherever you want, for as long as you want.

The 2017 Le Boat brochure features 76 pages of inspiration and advice for your next self-drive boating holiday, including 3 brand new boat models, a new base in Holland, 15 cruising areas - complete with maps, highlights and suggested routes and 40 boats with pictures, layouts and specs. Destinations include 9 cruising regions of France, as well as Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland.

With affordable prices, a Le Boat holiday is perfect for families, couples or groups of friends of any age. Boats can cater for parties of two to 12.

This brochure covers the regions and holiday types listed below. Click on the links to see more free travel brochures covering the regions and holiday types you are interested in.

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