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Custom-Made Journeys of India & Sri Lanka

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Custom-Made Journeys of India & Sri Lanka

India Unbound

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The Ganges

India Unbound was established in 2007 by Lincoln Harris and specialises in custom made journeys of India and Sri Lanka. Lincoln Harris has been travelling to India and Sri Lanka for over 20 years and his knowledge and expertise is invaluable for customers who prefer a private tour. Having lived and raised a family in India, Lincoln’s expertise of these two countries goes beyond the ‘must see’ highlights. Each custom-made journey is well-planned, innovative and one of a kind, which reflects the unique interests of the traveller.

In the last 10 years, India Unbound has noticed more interest in private tours rather than escorted group tours. Perhaps travellers are less willing to fit in with the fixed dates and rigid itineraries of group tours, or perhaps the flexibility of choosing when to travel and what to do while away is more attractive.

Such private tours, or what India Unbound calls custom-made journeys, have always been its focus. The beauty of this format is that your holiday is entirely based on your preferences: where and when you want to travel, duration and pace of your trip, accommodation preferences, even special interests or themes that you want to explore.

India Unbound’s brochure has been designed with a simple step-by-step enquiry format that helps you start planning a custom made itinerary. India Unbound has taken the hassle out of planning a holiday and has designed the brochure based on Lincoln’s intimate travel knowledge of India and Sri Lanka.

Read through tbhe brochure and follow the easy 5-step enquiry process;

  1. Choose your Region
  2. Select one of six Travel Styles
  3. Choose from a wide range of Accommodation
  4. Pick your Insight Activities (day tours)
  5. Tell us the Essentials like the number of travellers, form of transportation and standard of accommodation and a little more

India Unbound will then curate a journey of India or Sri Lanka that suits you.

This brochure covers the regions and holiday types listed below. Click on the links to see more free travel brochures covering the regions and holiday types you are interested in.

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